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The centre of entrepreneurship was established in October 2014 under the college of commerce and business administration, Dhofar university.


The Center for Entrepreneurship at Dhofar University was established with the purpose of teaching, coaching and inspiring the students and assisting the potential entrepreneurs from the local community to start sustainable businesses. We provide the tools and the experience necessary to creatively pursue new opportunities and exploit them successfully. We are here to “create value for ideas”, meaning that through our expertise, knowledge and partnerships we assist you to transform your business idea into an enterprise that creates value and contribute to the development of the community.


Our mission is to create, promote and sustain the potential entrepreneurs amongst our students and local community. To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Partner with industry to offer the best assistance for the potential entrepreneurs;
  • Deliver accessible and innovative entrepreneurial training;
  • Build students entrepreneurial skills in a global context;
  • Deliver consultancy, trainings and assistance for the further development of new projects or for already-existing projects;
  • Provide access to workshops, public lectures and conferences;

We strongly believe that small innovative businesses are the healthy cell of any long-term sustainable economy. We are a young, highly motivated and dedicated team, that combine knowledge and international experience from various fields. The positive impact we aim to create is demonstrated by all our activities, dedication and active implication in the community. We established high expectations for ourselves and demonstrate initiative, flexibility, teamwork and well-oriented critical thinking.

Lifelong learning and the application of that learning in everyday life will greatly enhance the society. We demonstrate a strong appreciation for diversity and the richness it brings to life and learning.

Contact Information

You can get in touch with the centre at:

Office of the Centre of entrepreneurship

Room No CCBA 8A

Ground Floor, CCBA Building


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