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Department of Management Information Systems (DMIS)

The Department of Management Information Systems (DMIS) aims to provide education on the contemporary work systems that require coherent knowledge on the use of information and communications technologies by today’s organizations. Hence, the department academic programs are designed to create a new generation of highly motivated, IT competent, skillful professionals able to address the challenges associated with the deep penetration of the information technology in all aspects of today's management of a business entity. In addition, the programs of the DMIS are tailored to equip the bright and dynamic entrepreneur young minds that are eager to engage in developing and shaping Oman's economy of the future. To achieve its mission, the DMIS adopts a variety of learning approaches, blending conventional/traditional teaching with modern eLearning mechanisms, in an environment multidisciplinary by default directly targeting to respond to the needs of the local but also regional society in close coordination with the industry, government and the community.


Department Chairperson: Mohammed Aref Abdul Rasheed
Professors, Assistant & Associate Professors: Mohammed Yousoof, Mansour Naser Alraja,Mohammad Ahmar Khan, Samir Marwan Hammami, Sarfraz Fayaz Khan, Zurinah Suradi
Lecturers: Murtaza Farooque
Secretary: Musallam Mohammed ALamri

Department Vision

To become a recognized unit of MIS that provides quality knowledge to students and quality consultation and solutions to industry.

Department Mission

To provide knowledge and skills on management information systems in an open learning environment that will have practical relevance at the work place and has benefit for the community at large. Our faculty members strive to excel in teaching in a student-centered environment, supported by research and service contributing to the professional and academic communities at the national and regional levels.

Programs & Degrees Offered

The Department of MIS offers two programs of study: bachelor and diploma levels. Both MIS programs combine variety of courses that can build a coherent MIS body of knowledge with graduates. The details for each program are as follows:

  • Diploma in Business Administration - Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Management of Information Systems (MIS)

Plans of Study(POS) MIS

Year I

Semester 1(Fall)

Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
BUSS 101 Principles of Management 3 FPE 103C
BUSS 102 Principles of Financial Accounting 3 FPE 103C
MATH 103 Mathematics for Social Sciences I 3 FPM 102B
ENGL 101A Basic Academic English 3 FPE 103C
CMPS 100B Introduction to Technical Computing for Science 3 FPT 102B
15 Credits

Semester 2 (Spring)

Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
BUSS 103 Principles of Marketing 3 FPE 103C
BUSS 104 Principles of Management Accounting 3 BUSS 102
BUSS 105 Principles of Financial Management 3 BUSS 102
BUSS 106 Business and Information Technology 3 CMPS 100B
ENGL 102B English for Business I 3 ENGL 101
15 Credits


Year II

Semester 3 (Fall)

Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
SOCS 102 Omani Society 3  
BUSS 201 Principles of Microeconomics 3 BUSS 105
ENGL 203B English for business II 3 ENGL 102B
MISS 211 Introduction to Information Systems 3 BUSS 106
MISS 212 Business Programming 3 BUSS 106
15 Credits

Semester 4 (Spring)

Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
BUSS 203 Principles of Macroeconomics   BUSS 201
MISS 213 Introduction to E-Commerce 3 BUSS 106
MISS 214 Systems Analysis and Design 3 MISS 211
MISS 215 Database Development 3 MISS 212
ENTR 200 Entrepreneurship -  Innovation and creativity 3 ENGL 203B
MISS 215 Database Development 3 MISS 212
15 Credits


Year III
Semester 5 (Fall)
Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
BUSS 302 Business Law 3 BUSS 203
BUSS 303 Corporate Finance 3 BUSS 203
BUSS 304 Quantitative Methods in Business 3 MATH 103
ENGL 204 Advanced English for Academic Purposes and Research 3 ENGL 203B
  Skills of Life Elective 3  
15 Credits
Semester 6 (Spring)
Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
BUSS 306 Strategic Management 3 BUSS 302
BUSS 307 Statistics for Business 3 BUSS 304
MISS 401 Application Software and Web Development 3 MISS 214 & MISS 215
BUSS 401 Research Methods 3 BUSS 304
ENGL 305 Advanced English language and communication skills 3 ENGL 204
  Social Science Elective 3  
15 Credits


Year IV
Semester 7 (Fall)
Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
BUSS 404 Final year Project 3 BUSS 401
BUSS 402 Business Communications 3 ENGL 305
MISS 402 Business Data Communication and Network 3 MISS 214 & MISS 215
MISS 403 E- Government 3 MISS 214 & MISS 215
  General Elective I 3  
15 Credits
Semester 8 (Spring)
Code Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
BUSS 403 Business Environment 3 BUSS 306
ARAB 101 Academic Writing in Arabic 3 4th Year standing
MISS 404 Business Intelligence and Decision Support 3 MISS 402 & MISS 403
MISS 405 Database Analysis and Design 3 MISS 402 & MISS 403
  General Elective II 3  
15 Credits
BUSS 405 Internship in Business (Two Months) 0 8 Weeks

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