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Evening Program (EP)

College of Commerce and Business administration (CCBA) offers diploma and bachelors program in the evening time which is specially designed to provide the opportunity for working professionals to acquire university education. It offers the undergraduate program recognized by the ministry of higher education in the evening between 4 PM to 9:30 PM for the convenience of all working professional. The courses delivered by highly experienced faculty members who prepare students for a highly competitive global market and help to enhance their knowledge and skills that is, most of the time, required either by organizations in which students work or to seek better opportunities in the country.

Major Areas:

A student enrolling in Diploma and bachelors program offered in evening time could opt for any major area as given below:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Management Of Information Systems
  • Marketing

Graduation Requirements

To receive a diploma in Business Administration, students must satisfactorily complete 60 credit hours (of which 21 credits are University requirements and 24 credits are College requirements and 15 credits Major compulsory courses as listed below) with a cumulative average of 65 percent.

To receive a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, students must satisfactorily complete a total of 120 credit hours (including the 60 credits earned in the diploma) with a cumulative average of 65 percent, and a cumulative average of 70 percent in his/her major specialization area.

Admission Criteria

To take admission in the program, an applicant must qualify the University Placement Test in English, IT, and Mathematics conducted by Foundation Program (FP) Unit of Dhofar University. FP is designed for students who are not sufficiently prepared to join the academic programs at the university.

The students joining to College programs may generally be required to spend up to two semesters in the Foundation Program depending on their results of the placement tests administered by the University. This program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills in English language, Study Skills, Information Technology, and Mathematics that will allow them to join their chosen college and program.

Features of the EP mode

  • EP is delivered in the evening which is convenient for professionals and others who are busy in the day time.
  • Delivered by highly internationally experience experienced faculty.
  • Courses are offered in cohort manner in each semester.
  • The program timing are from 4 PM to 9:30 PM depending upon a student’s schedule
  • There are only TWO semesters in one academic year to pursue the program viz FALL and SPRING. No SUMMER semester is offered in the evening mode
  • Admission is open starting any semester
Contact info

For further details about the Evening program, please feel free to get in touch with:

Dr. Mohammed Abdul Imran Abdul Aziz Khan

Convener, Evening Program

College of Commerce and Business Administration

Dhofar University

CCBA 209 A; Tel: 23237412

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