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The clubs events of the a academic year of 2012-2013 

Student Affairs Department

Theater and Cultural activates department
The event location Name of the club The event date Name of the event No
Hall 1 Our welfare for our people club 6/10/2012 (Five successful keys) lecture 1
Hall 1 Dhofar University gate club 13/11/2012 Neuro  linguistic programming 2
Hall 1 Dhofar University gate club 4/12/2012 (The importance of the Arabic language ) lecture 3
Hall 1 Dhofar University gate club 9/12/2012 A seminar for the  academic Excellence machines 4
Activities Hall Friend's health club 14/12/2012 (Convoy of returnees ) seminar 5
Conference Hall My youth is work and knowledge club 10/2/2013 the opening event 6
In the study Hall Albonyan club 4/3/2013 Holly Quran teaching campaign 7
Hall 2 Albonyan club 10/3/2013 International women's Day 8
Alwafa center Our welfare for our family club 11/3/2013 an educational visit to Al-Wafa social center and Al Noor Association for the Blind 9
Hall 1 Dhofar university gate club 11/3/2013 A seminar (For Those who requests the low) 10
Hall 2 Our welfare of our people 20/3/2013 (Islamic values ​​and contemporary challenges) lecture 11
Hall 1 Albonyan club 14/4/2013 (To where) lecture presented by AlShik Abdualaziz Al Shahari 12
Hall 2 Photography group 16/4/2013-17/4/2013 Photographic workshop 13
Hall 2 Albonyan club 30/4/2013 Awareness Lecture - competitions - singing 14
Sultan Qaboos hospital Friend's health club 30/4/2013 A visit to (Sultan Qaboos Hospital) 15
Hall 3 My youth is work and knowledge club 1/5/2013 Civil defense measures in evacuation cases at the educational institutions) lecture 16
Hall 2 Dhofar university gate club 12/5/2013 The event of (honoring the best academic character) 17
Hall 2 Albonyan club 14/5/2013 (Know about your total ability )lecture 18

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