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Internal Research Funding Schemes

DU supports its faculty with following Research Funding schemes:

  1. Short-Term Faculty Development Grant (STFDG): to cover trips to regional and international conferences and scientific events.
  2. Regular Research Grant (RRG): to support individual or collective research projects, to cover the salaries of research assistants, materials, computer hardware and software, and other associated expenses.
  3. Seed Grant (SG): to help new faculties start up their research at DU through purchasing of materials and equipment needed to initiate research activities.
  4. Incentive Claim (IC): An award for research productivity for faculty members who have published a paper in a journal indexed in Scopus or Web of science

Short-term Faculty Development Grant

The STFDG is awarded to the faculty members who are interested to present their research work in national and international prestigious conferences. URB strongly believes that this grant will result in an increase in the published research work of the awardees especially in international reputed journals indexed in Scopus or Web of Science. Therefore, an amount of OMR 1000 is awarded to faculty members to cover their ticket, registration fee, visa fee and per diem.

Regular Research Grant

Regular Research Grants are awarded to support individual, group, or collaborative research projects. Individual projects are those projects which are conducted by one faculty member. Collaborative projects are those projects with a single Principal Investigator (PI) who may receive assistance from other faculty members. Group projects are those projects with a unifying, well-defined, and specific goal or central research theme to which each component project relates and contributes. Faculty members are urged to supplement URB funding with additional grants from other external sources. The Chairperson of the department of the applicant, the College Research Committee (CRC), and the Dean of the relevant college must approve the application before submitting it to the URB. Regular Research Grants (RRGs) will normally not exceed OMR 3,000. This ceiling may be raised in the case of group and interfaculty collaborative projects. The URB will review all group applications with great scrutiny to ensure that they fall within the definition of a group application.

Seed Grant

Seed grants are intended to provide limited start-up funds for newly appointed faculty members. The department chairperson, the College Research Committee (CRC) and the dean must approve all proposals before submitting them to the URB. Faculty seed grants are normally up to OMR 1,000. Those eligible to apply for Seed Grants are faculty members who have passed their probationary period at DU and are newly appointed or lecturers or instructors who are newly promoted to a professorial rank without having benefited from URB funding prior to the promotion. The applicant should submit the evidence of funds utilization in form of receipts bi annually with the progress report. All property (equipment, materials, stationary etc) must be returned back to DU after the project is completed.

Incentive Claim

The URB strongly believes that faculty should be awarded for their research productivity. Therefore, faculty members who have published a paper in a journal indexed in Scopus or Web of Science for current academic year are eligible to claim a monetary incentive (subject to limited funding) for each paper. An applicant whose name appears as the first author will be eligible for 300 R.O. only. An applicant whose name appears as the second author will be eligible for 200 R.O. only. An applicant whose name appears as the third author will be eligible for 100 R.O. Only. If the paper has been published in Scopus, the applicant should ensure that his publication is appearing in “Scopus author preview” list prior to applying for IC. The amount should be distributed equally among the DU faculty members who have co-authored the paper.

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