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The USC is chaired by the Director of SAD and consists of eight members, two student's representative from each College in addition to the Foundation Program. and the Director of SAD as chairperson.

The USC was established in the year 2004/2005. The purpose of the USC is to act as a link between DU administration and students.

The USC works at providing solutions and suggestions to students' academic and administrative problems. Furthermore, the USC aims at improving the quality services.

Identification Card (ID)

Student Affairs Department issues an ID card for each new DU student in accordance with the following procedure:

  • The student brings 4 passport photos to the Registration Department and gets a temporary ID card.
  • The Registration Department sends photos to the Student Affairs Department- Student Services Section.
  • Three weeks later the student gets her/his new ID card.


The medical department serves the health needs of students who may drop in during certain hours of the week to see a doctor. The University has contracted the services of a physician who comes to the department for two hours daily. Urgent and emergency cases are transferred to the nearby Saadah Medical Complex or to hospitals in the city.

Cafeterias and Coffee Shops

DU has two newly built cafeterias, each with two large halls serving the male and female students separately. There is also a coffee shop which is located in the courtyard of the Uni¬versity; it serves snacks, light sandwiches and beverages.

Student Housing

The University has 3 buildings in the campus for female students who come from distant places to study at DU. It provides them with subsidized furnished accommodation and local transportation. The University also provides security service and supervision of students where there are 14 of female supervisors and female security guards work 24 hours. Male students who come from distant places are also assisted in finding appropriate accommodation.


During the period of registration and placement exams, the Student Affairs Department arranges orientation sessions for new students. The sessions provide important academic and related information including location of various facilities and services. More than 10 students are usually on the welcoming committee, along with two staff members.

Student Employment Program

DU offers students the opportunity to gain work experience and earn some income as well. Students who wish to join the student employment program may apply through the Student Affairs Department. According to this program, a student can work for a maximum of 10 hours per week and earn money on an hourly basis.

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