Dhofar University


DU offers two‐year diplomas, four‐year bachelor degrees, and master degrees in:

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Teaching English Language 
  • Management
  • Educational Administration

Academic programs follow the American model of higher education and use English as the medium of instruction except for the Master in Management and the Master in Educational Administration programs are in Arabic. The academic year is divided into two semesters of sixteen weeks of instruction each and a summer session of six weeks of instruction.

A student will be awarded either a diploma or a bachelor degree, but not both, in accordance with the choice he/she had made when he/she joined DU. If a bachelor bound student decided, for a legitimate reason, to forgo his/her desire to finish the bachelor program in the middle of a semester and decided to receive a diploma instead then he/she will be required to drop all courses in progress. A diploma will then be awarded contingent to completing the requirements of the diploma program, subject to the approval of the College Administrative Committee and the DVC for Academic Affairs. The University has three colleges: the College of Arts and Applied Sciences, the College of Commerce and Business Administration, and the College of Engineering. The programs offered in each college are summarized in the tables below.

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