Student Activities

The student activities play an important role in the student's social, educational, and cultural life, and enhance their intellectual, emotional and physical development. Therefore the SAD provides the opportunities and services to create a promising generation to carry a meaningful message by participating in the following clubs: 

  • Our welfare to our folks Club
  • Friend's health club
  • DU gate club
  • My youth is work and knowledge club
  • Media club
  • Albonyan club (for female)
  • Theater people
  • Photography people

Our welfare to our people


A group of DU staff and students are seeking to help the people around us to rise our community to the greater good from the social and educational side that helps them to activate the community and cover the problems that might affect the life in negative way.


  • Spreading the importance of volunteers program and highlight its role in the development processes on the whole of society.
  • participating in organizing the volunteers work development.
  • Improve the volunteer talents to serve their society.
  • promote the self confidence of the young people as active members in the society.
  • To benefit from the young people intellectual energy.
  • providing the volunteers work in health , cultural and humans society and participating in all the public occasions and supporting the government in the awareness programs.

Friend's health club


  • Cares about all the problems of the student health
  • Guide the student about the healthy food
  • Aware the students about the danger of smoking and drugs
  • Traffic accidents and its effects
  • Psychological awareness for student
  • Conducting ambulance training program in cooperation with Directorate General of Health.
  • Visits the hospitals and social care center.

DU gate's club


  • Strengthen educational and social abilities.
  • Building a strong relation between the students and the university.
  • Help the students to improve their creative skills.
  • Create a scientific competition between students.
  • Organize specialized lectures via external universities experiences.
  • Create an atmosphere that allows the students to negotiate.

My youth is work and Knowledge club


  • Strengthen youth social role.
  • Viewing the importance of working and knowledge in building the community.
  • Allowing the youth to improve their abilities and building their personalities.
  • Establishing the concept of volunteer work.
  • Showing the youth their responsibilities towards their community.
  • Spreading the knowledge in the community.
  • Negotiating the social and educational cases in the community.
  • Taking the advantage of youth abilities
  • Using youth abilities to help e community.

Media club


  • Concentrating on activating the technical side and improving the students skills and the club's members in communicating with media and providing them the proper tools for media
  • Concentrating on expanding their knowledge & improve their vision and abilities on writing reports via other educational ways.
  • The club is working on improving the students skills in media & communicating and pushing them to greatness
  • Clubs target is to spread educational caution in the community.
  • Creating a new generation of students familiar with of media knowledge that fan allows them to view their talents.
  • Creating a community that targets to build self-responsibilities caution in the community.

Albonyan club


  • Soul building (filling free times with useful matters - creating corporative spirits).
  • Building ethics (strengthen ethics - creating youth abilities in serving the community)
  • Building values (establishing the values within students - establishing the concept of volunteer work - negotiating social and educational cases).
  • Building society ( combining the generation with god and the religion - strengthen the students role in the community - spreading the caution in the community)

Theater group


  • Educate the students about the Holly Quran
  • Take advantage of the student energy and their free times
  • Expose and rise the student talent and intelligence
  • Develop the student ability to express themselves and also to solve the pronunciation problems or to face the audience.
  • Rise the educational, cultural and knowledge level for the students.
  • Stimulate the team work spirit among the student.
  • Train the student to speak paschal English.
  • Develop the student ability to create and goes all long with their imagination
  • Solve some of the social, psychological and student behavior problems whether were audience or participators.

Photography group


Brilliant origins, excellence, crossing limits ambition to reach the horizon


  • Helping to spread the optical knowledge and photography design work.
  • Helping to share the university via external sharing in photography and design exhibition.
  • Showing the talented photographers and designers by creating workshops
  • Activate the photography and designing via sharing the universities instruction and helping to reach its goals.
  • Improve the group work skills between the club members.
  • Communicating and sharing with other universities and colleges.

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