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The URB helps foster and improve the Research environment at DU. The main tasks of URB include:

  •  Formulating policies and guidelines for the allocation of funds for Research and Faculty Development.
  •  Considering policies to be followed in seeking grants support from external agencies.
  •  Evaluating and approving applications for internal Research funding i.e. Short Term Faculty Development Grant (STFDG), Regular Research Grant (RRG), Seed Grant (SG) and Incentive Claim (IC).
  •  Approving applications for conducting Research or other works in DU that involve data collection, interviews with DU community, and filling questionnaires.
  •  Editing and publishing the Annual Research Report of the University.
  •  Facilitate Research collaboration with other universities & Research institutions.
  •  Help the colleges organize international conferences at DU.

URB Membership

Members of the URB consists of two representatives from each College and a representative from the Foundation program elected by the Faculty or appointed by the dean or FP director for a term of two year renewable for a similar term. The Chairperson, his/her assistant and any additional members are appointed by the DVC for Academic Affairs and Research.

URB Members

URB Members
S.No Name College/FP Email ID Ext.
1. Dr. Mohammed Imran Khan CCBA 7412
2. Dr. Kavita Chavali CCBA 7419
3. Dr. Said Grami CE 7318
4. Dr. Ghada Mohammed Hussein CE 7349
5. Dr. Fadi Awawdeh CAAS 7229
6. Dr. Shafique Chaudhry CAAS 7212
7. Dr. Umamaheswara Rao Bontha FP 7190

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